Announcement | Kana Momonogi Has Made Her Final Choice For Meme Design Competition

2 min readNov 23, 2021

Few days have past, the meme competition has ended! Now let’s congratulate to our winners!

As the only one judge, Kana Momonogi has made her final choice. There are 3 winners and will be given an electronic signature by Kana herself and 30% of their own NFTs sales amount !!! Congrats!!!

Three winners and their works are as follow:

  1. @kanroji99

Info: /

2. @cryptoakatuki


Kana San has been chased by a monster and Ryoma show up to protect her.

3. @ninoCroissant


$RYMA and $DOGE , to da moon with Kana!!!!!

Most of the participants were submiting their works by only sending email. So that we can’t show them on Twitter. We hope that next time all the authors will also post it on Twitter for everyone to see.

Besides, we’ve received a lot of works. But unfortunately, there are some participants got disqualified because of plagiarism. After repeated screening, we have 86 qualified participants eventually! Congratulations!

The officials will send DM to winners by Twitter. Please check, later!

Thank you so much for supporting Ryoma!

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