Ryoma DAO For Japanese National Football Team Coming Soon

Ryoma DAO


RyomaDAO is a meaningful experiment launched by Ryoma, aiming to support the Japanese national team during the period of 2022 FIFA World Cup. RyomaDAO will hold a 14-day Ryoma token donation campaign, and if the donation goal is successfully completed, all the money will be donated to the Japanese national team to support the players to complete the glorious mission successfully.


Our goal is 70 million Ryoma tokens.
We cannot guarantee that this experiment will be successful. If we reach our donation goal within a certain period of time, we will donate all donated Ryoma tokens to the Japanese National Team. If we unfortunately fail, we will provide a full refund to the community as promised.


Ryoma team has created a Ryoma x World Cup 2022 co-branded NFT to support this experiment initiated by RyomaDao. Supporters who donate more than 25,000 Ryoma tokens will be able to mint a free NFT as a souvenir. We have prepared a total of 1,000 NFTs for supporters! First Come, First Served!



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