2 min readOct 27, 2022

Dear Ryoma fam and Japan national football team:

RyomaDAO was launched last night. Have you visited it? As the website states, RyomaDAO is a meaningful experiment launched by Ryoma, aiming to support the Japanese national team during the period of 2022 FIFA World Cup. All we can hope for is that the Japanese national football team can beat their opponents and achieve excellent results in the World Cup.


RyomaDAO will conduct a 14-day Ryoma token collection campaign to support the Japanese national team for the 2022 World Cup. All tokens collected will be used to support the Japanese national team and help them complete their glorious mission successfully.

Our Goal

Our goal is 70 million Ryoma tokens. If our goal is reached, all Ryoma tokens will be donated to support the Japanese national football team.

But we cannot guarantee that this experiment will be successful. If we reach our donation goal within a certain period of time, we will donate all donated Ryoma tokens to the Japanese National Team. If we unfortunately fail, we will provide a full refund to the community as promised.

Our Original Intention

The initial philosophy of Ryoma DAO is to provide a channel so that every Japanese person can do his or her part to help the Japanese national football team. It is the responsibility of every Japanese person to support their national team. These tokens are not from Ryoma, they are donated by all the people who support you. SAMURAI BLUE, make a miracle happen!




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