The First GameFi Gate in Japan — BakumatsuSwap

3 min readSep 26, 2021


What is Bakumatsu?

Bakumatsu Finance(AKA Ryoma) is an aggregated gaming, game launching, and asset-transaction platform, so-called GameFi DAO. Within Bakumatsu Finance, you can enjoy games with the Game Center, trade game tokens with BakumatsuSwap, trade game props, mint and sell personalized NFT in the virtual store. Through NFTs, RYMA token, and Token X-, Bakumatsu Finance has provided a one-for-all solution for gaming tokens, serving the entire gaming ecosystem and enabling each of this ecosystem’s participants.

Combines NFT and DeFi

1 ) Bakumatsu Finance’s economic system consists of homogenization Token X and NFTs(weapons, props, and other non-homogeneity assets). Interactions can be freely achieved through BakumatsuSwap and the virtual store. Users can participate in asset liquidity mining in BakumatsuSwap to obtain RYMA tokens.

2 ) The NFTs we will launch will not only be for collection and transferring properties. Their practical-use values will be reflected through the game. We will also develop a series of different types of games around these NFTs to increase the varieties of Bakumatsu Finance and amplify the concepts of metaverse or Gamefi. As a result, the playability and profitability will reach a balance and the players will also have more Play-to-Earn options.

3 ) In order to increase the liquidity of NFTs, we’ve also set up an automatic blind box auction system and a lending system.

4 ) Ethereum network’s congestion problem makes its gas costs remain at a high level , which has become an important reason restricting its development. Before it completes its ETH2.0 upgrade, we will provide solutions based on ZK-Rollup Layer2, providing users with a low-loss, high-performance experience.

Core Member

Ryoma CEO Yamaguchi Yu 山口 勇(ユクノ)

  • Founder of PACkage, Japan’s pioneering eSports company
  • Former founder and player of Asia’s strongest eSports team, NORA UNION
  • Director of Japan e-Sports Federation Osaka

Yamaguchi San was an e-sports enthusiast at the beginning and later joined the e-sports team. The Pro E-sports Team 野良連合. He led performed well in a lot of major international e-sports competitions, and eventually became one of the best esports team in Asia. Then he created PACkage, the company with the largest traffic within Japan’s game field, leading more friends to join the e-sports industry.

Inspired by some good friends, he has participated in the production and maintenance of the Bakumatsu (Ryoma) project, now be the CEO of Ryoma.


Ryoma aims to become the Gamefi DAO for game development, distribution, and item trading. Ryoma NFTs are the equity licenses of the platform, and Ryoma Token is the functional token of the platform. GameFi will continually build financial infrastructure for the future, while Ryoma will also open a door to the metaverse for users by creating a complete GamefiDAO.

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